A NEW GAME IS ANOUNCED!!! - 12/21/2016

That's right! The first game ever to be created by SeTo Games has been anounced. The title of the game is Myriad Contigency . The demo will be avaible sometime around summer. The story and characters are still in development. This game is going to define what SeTo Games is about. Looking at the title it is very easy to see that the game is going to have something to do with time. It will not be like the average time travel game where you mess something up and have to fix it. This game will redefine the reason to time travel. You can see what we might think it will cost in the store. The game won't cost much and the demo will be FREE! The game will include: a great story, characters you will get to know, puzzles, secrets, and more! We will keep you updated with the news.